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    • Testimony of Carol Anne Roberts, 03.2023

      "I am an energy healing teacher and practitioner having run my own holistic health centre for 10 years. For a number of  years I have been a consultant for a detox facility assisting people to detoxify from alcohol and other addictive substances.  The Grigori Grabovoi number sequences which I teach to the clients for psychological normalisation has been shown to work very quickly for many people. I walk them through the process and already within a couple of minutes the client starts to see things differently.  Using the numbers for themselves in between sessions has made  a marked difference  in their ability to navigate the detox process more smoothly. From clearing of traumas to reducing fear and anxiety, to creating a feeling of stability and centredness, the results have been remarkable.
      Anorexia and fear of eating
      By using the Grigori Grabovoi number sequences a lady who was both detoxing from alcohol as well as suffering from long term anorexia was able to quickly  improve her state of wellbeing.  After only two half hour sessions working on the numbers with me, and using the number sequences for herself before meals, and when she felt anxious, she reported that the numbers had helped her greatly. She sent pictures to her husband who was amazed that she was now eating more in one day than she would usually eat in a week.  She will continue the methods in order to maintain this new way of being and says her fear of getting fat and aversion to food has greatly reduced. She expressed her faith in the ability of the numbers for alcohol addiction to help her stay on the path of sobriety. 
      Fear of heights and death
      During one of my personal development seminars, an 83 year old lady used one of Grigori Grabovoi's methods to clear her long -term fear of heights.  2 years later she said her phobia, which disappeared in minutes, never returned and she has been comfortable looking over balconies and even climbing ladders ever since.  I have had at least 10 other people who have had similar results. Another elderly lady who had a fear of death also received instant relief to the point where she felt she could handle whatever the future held. 
      Resolution of post-traumatic stress
      I have used Grigori Grabovoi's trauma release methods with hundreds of clients for more than 10 years.  One particular method not only rapidly resolves traumatic events such as accidents, abuse or loss of loved ones, for the person I am working with, it releases it for everyone involved, including family members. Those involved find they are no longer drawn to even think about such incidences which have truly become a thing of the past.
      Grigori Grabovoi's trauma release method is also greatly helpful where couples have had difficulty forgiving and forgetting hurtful things from the past.  Child/parent relationships have also been mended with this technique."

      Carol Anne Roberts, 19.03.2023

      • Cancer cure using number series. Three cases (Marie E.V, 08.05.2020)

        1) "I got an unpleasant melanoma on my right cheek. ... I began to say out loud the corresponding series of numbers (5674321). I put all my heart into it and, not yet knowing the entry and exit formulas, I simply said: thanks. My melanoma went away after 2.5 months. I have children's skin to the surprise of my loved ones!."

        2) "I am only new to the practice, but I recommended your method also to a friend who declared prostate cancer. He was operated on for the first time, then he relapsed, and a second operation was planned (he was in very poor condition). His PSA was at 28. I suggested implementing your method, which he did right away .... He intensively quoted a series of numbers corresponding to "prostate cancer," and his PSA very quickly and sharply dropped to 6! He did not need a second operation. He had several radiotherapy sessions and is now out of danger."

        3) "... I was approached by a woman who asked .............. to help her son, who suffered from serious and extremely rare leukemia. ......... .. I invited her to introduce her son to the method of Grigory Grabovoi. But she doubted whether she could use these methods. I told her that she could do this for him, asking for his approval and leaving it to the discretion of the Creator. I gave her the numbers that seemed appropriate to me, and then I forgot about that. The holidays were over, and after three months I was surprised (when I did not expect this) to hear from this lady who told me that she trained well and that her son was completely healed! I was deeply moved."

        Marie E.V, 08.05.2020

        • Testimony of Natalya Shvedova (dentist), 05.2019

          Application of the methods of Grigori Grabovoi to restore health (the paresis of the facial nerve).

        • Testimony of Aigul Rybkovskaya (emergency doctor), 15.02.2014

          Application of the methods of Grigori Grabovoi in professional activities. Emergency call to the 9 months old child. Reason: turned blue.

        • Testimony of Aigul Rybkovskaya (emergency doctor), 2013

          Application of the methods of Grigori Grabovoi to restore health. The closed fracture of the right olecranon (elbow). The erysipelas of the right ear.