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  • General

    • The collection of testimonials and testing protocols of PRK-1U

      The collection contains 34 testimonials of application and 19 testing protocols of the three-mode device for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U.

    • Testimony of Konstantin V. (doctor), 17.08.2020

      The individual device PRK-1U was in my office in the polyclinic - it was the red zone, i.e. the place where patients were examined with complaints of fever, cough, impaired sense of smell. The device was in the building of the polyclinic for three months and during this period the medical staff working in the red zone did not get sick. Three doctors fell ill at the clinic and suffered a mild illness. In the clinic, which is located nearby, there were seven deaths among medical personnel in these three months. (according to an employee of the institution). Before the onset of the May holidays, the device was removed from the building of the polyclinic and an increase in the number of patients (over the same period of time, three months) from May to July by about three times was noted. This clearly shows the possibilities of using the PRK-1U device for the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infection.

      Konstantin V. , 17.08.2020

    • Testimony of Liudmila Mironova

    • Testimony of Toloshnaya Olga, 24.0.2024

      Testimony from Olga Toloshnaya on the use of the PRK-1U device.

      I hereby testify that the methods of control of Grigori Grabovoi and the PRK-1U device save people in critical and catastrophic situations.

      "I was born and lived almost all my life in the city of Almaty, where earthquakes occur from time to time, and residents always live in anticipation of possible tremors. In 2013, after a fairly significant earthquake, I had a conversation with Grigori Grabovoi on the issue of control in such situations. Dr. Grabovoi advised using the number series from his book "NUMBERS FOR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS” to prevent the impact of natural disasters: 914712 819 19 84 - "Protecting the Earth and restoring..." 

      Since then, I have been doing almost every day the control with this number sequence to protect my home, nearby houses and the entire city. I also conduct for other cities where my loved ones are located. Since I have got in 2019, the PRK-1U device, I carry out this control on the device every day for several minutes. (...)  "