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    • Result from Sandra, 19.07.2020

      "The result of using the PRK-1U device. Twice a day every day

      My neighbor looked at me and he asked if he could tell me something: <your face is younger>. I was surprised. What a great compliment. Thanks Grabovoi."

      Sandra, 19.07.2020

      • Result from Domenic, 05.07.2020

        "Thank you so much for helping me reduce aging and for rejuvenation.  Every morning I wake up feeling young and rejuvenated.  My skin is so tight, like when I was a teenager, and my overall looks are getting better and better.  I can't thank you enough for all of your support.  Best wishes on your journey. You and your organization are free to use my emails for testimonials if you so choose.  Thank you again and Bless you."

        Domenic, 05.07.2020

        • Result from A. Z., 03.06.2020

          "I was allowed to work online with the PRK-U1 device. I promised to write my experience with this device, but I waited a while to make sure that my conclusions were correct. I chose the exercise Stop Aging with Rejuvenation to be able to assess the impact on my perceived reality.

          Here are the observations (in the mirror) at work:

          I did the exercises about 4-5 times, always 20-30 minutes. Immediately after the first exercise, when I looked at myself in the mirror, my face looked younger, and after further exercises this was confirmed. The wrinkles on the face remain the same, but the face looks 15-20 years younger. I am 67 years old and I would not even look in the mirror, but now I always smile to myself. Thank you for this experience, and I wish you good health, happiness, and continued success in your research and development. Congratulations on setting up this device and others in the future."

          A.Z., 03.06.2020

          • Result from Vladimir, 01.06.2020

            "Through the website med.grabovoi.tech I used the devices for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U, adjusted according to medical profiles from 03/16/2020 to the present. Used devices 1, 4. Conducted concentration on the lenses of devices.

            1. Received the results on the first device PRK-1U. The hair color on the head was partially restored. Wrinkles on the face began to disappear, namely on the frontal part of the head."

             Vladimir, 01.06.2020

            • Result from Isabelle G., 28.05.2020

              "I used the PRK-1U, which was kindly provided to me. Concentrated for eternal youth.

              Today, looking at my face, I discovered more radiance and a surge of rejuvenation and, above all, a feeling of well-being and infinity.

              Endless thanks mister GRABOVOI"

              Isabelle G., 28.05.2020

              • Result from E. C. A. M., 28.05.2020

                "I have a positive experience of using the PRK-1U device for rejuvenation. I used the device for 3 weeks. I have various pathologies, mainly related to my age (66 years), and this has not disappeared, but I notify that I had 5 days with the energy characteristic of a young person. I haven't felt this way for a long time. And, despite the fact that I still have pain and trembling, I am active all day, especially in the morning. I am doing more and more consciously, now I know how to do things with more precision and in less time and without any effort. I see in my actions in the past that I did not have the clarity that is reviving in me these days. And yes, I don't look younger on the outside, but I feel like a different person.Even my thoughts are completely different.

                Thanks to Dr. G.P. Grabovoi, thank you for your generosity and love. Let the Light of Norm accompany you forever."

                E. C. A. M., 28.05.2020

                • Result from Vladimir V., 13.05.2020

                  "Used a PRK-1U device configured according to medical profile No. 1. Conducted concentration on the lenses of devices. At the same time, I concentrated on the numbers and methods of Grigori Grabovoi.

                  1. The state of health has improved. There was a cheerfulness, lightness in the body, increased energy.

                  2. The spine ceased to hurt

                  3. On May 2, 2020 I saw that the color of eyebrows was restored at 60%."

                  Vladimir V., 13.05.2020

                • Result from Veronica D., 01.05.2020

                  "On April 30, 2020, stiffness again appeared in the small joints of the arms and legs, a feeling of "bursting” and heat in the knees, inability to bend fingers and aching pain in the bones. Live broadcast on the device for the purpose of rejuvenation, lasting 20 minutes. Result: The appearance of a feeling of coolness in the projection of the joints, the pain in the small bones disappeared, I was able to bend my arms, remained insignificant weakness in the hands."

                  Veronica D, 01.05.2020

                • Result from H.T., 30.04.2020

                  "...When working on the PRK-1U device with the function of stopping aging and rejuvenation, I worked simultaneously with myself and with my relatives. My sister underwent the following changes: gray hair disappeared, the hair itself became thicker, the hair color became darker, wrinkles on the face and neck disappeared, the skin became significantly younger...."

                  H.T., 30.04.2020

                • Result from Massimo C., 30.04.2020

                  "Concentration on PRK-1U.

                  I carry out control in the morning at 10, and in the evening at 21:45, and sometimes at 19 hours for rejuvenation and eternal life for two weeks. I have a feeling that something is changing in me, I can't understand if this is simply a feeling ! ......

                  I confirm the improvement of the condition of the skin on the face ....."

                  Massimo C., 30.04.2020

                • Result from Vera L., 27.04.2020

                  Used the PRK-1U device with the function of stopping aging and rejuvenation for one month. Backache has practically disappeared: in the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine, which were for 2 years at night.

                • Result from Marie B., 27.04.2020

                  "I used the PRK-1U device with the function of stopping aging and with the function of rejuvenation. during the period from April 12 to April 27, 2020. Except in the long run, use the device gives me a feeling of well-being, I see increasing the elasticity of my skin and reducing brown spots on my hands."

                  Marie B., 27.04.2020

                • Result from Yulia, 25.04.2020

                  "After 3 weeks of concentration on the PRK-1U device for rejuvenation, the menstrual cycle was restored and the general condition of the body returned to normal. I feel a surge of strength. I'm over 50 years old."

                  Yulia, 25.04.2020

                • Result from Valentina M., 15.04.2020

                  "Working on the first PRK-1U device with the function of stopping aging and with the function of rejuvenation, I see energy waves, active movement of energy in the body. My friends and I noticed that the deep wrinkles on my forehead began to decrease and, in general, my face and eyes became younger.

                  Valentina M., 15.04.2020

                • Result from Christine A., 05.04.2020

                  "I use PRK-1U designed to rejuvenate from time to time, but actually not for long, and I think about restoring the body every second. This morning I understand that where some white hair grows on the head, new ones appear and that they are not white, but colored !!!

                  I am surprised at this result, because I feel that I did not spend much time with the device.

                  Thank you so much."

                  Christine A., 05.04.2020


                • Result from Helen H., 02.04.2020

                  "I began to look much fresher, increased performance. Recently, I have a lot of work, I feel that more forces have appeared. The skin was pale, now the skin has gained very good color, and the face looks rested."

                  Helen H., 02.04.2020

                • Result from Marie B., 20.03.2020

                  "PRK-1U - stopping aging - rejuvenation.

                  Used for ten minutes: pulsation in the little finger of the left leg. ... .. The disappearance of a small bump on

                  the joint of the first phalanx of the ring finger of the right hand (surprisingly)."

                  Marie B., 20.03.2020

                • Result from Maria P., 20.03.2020

                  "Today I concentrated on PRK-1U. Device 1 - for rejuvenation. Started with my eyes to clear my cataract, after a few minutes I felt like I cleaned my eyes."

                  Maria P., 20.03.2020

                  • Result from Sara M., 18.03.2020

                    "I started working on 16.03.20 at 16:30 using the PRK-1U device with the function of stopping aging and with the function of rejuvenation. 

                    Today, when I write this message  18.03.20, the time 10:40.

                    Since I turned on the device, I did not turn it off, except when the Internet connection freezes, but then it is restored.

                    During this period, I noticed that my condition of my ovaries improved, because before I felt slight pains, but now I do not have them."

                    Sara M., 18.03.2020