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  • Geral

    • Cure for coronavirus (Milan, 17.01.2021)

      "I spent two hours sitting with my friend next to each other. He turned out to be infected that day. The next day I started to feel the effect of covid. 

      I started applying stern control three times a day.  The next day I felt my joints from my knees to my legs were cold. I didn't have a fever at all. This is how I felt for 3 days.  By the third day, it started to attack my nasal mucosa and my eyes a little bit.

      That's when the PRK-1U came to my mind. 

      I focused on it for 20-25 minutes, imagining myself healthy and saying: I imagined and placed a Divine Norma State and a white-silver capital N in front of me. Focusing on the small lens, I did it four times, then circled and finally imagined myself in the middle of the three lenses, uttering and imagining the letter Norma four times in front of my picture.

      After that, approx. half an hour later all my covid symptoms disappeared. After that, I already knew how much of the impact of the PRK-1U could had been on my wife. Of course, she panicked because her immune system was not the best and she even had lung surgery at a young age. I reassured her that I could handle the situation if she might feel anything strange.  On the evening of the fourth day, my wife had similar symptoms. I started treating the PRK-1U three times a day, I can say she was fine in two days. We both tested ourselves on day five and we were negative. I even let the instrument run on the screen for a few days."

      Milan, 17.01.2021

      • Protection against coronavirus (Marija J., 10.12.2020)

        "Thanks to the continuous use of the devices, the condition returned to normal and we did not catch the coronavirus, despite close contact with the person who was diagnosed with the coronavirus."

        Marija J., 10.12.2020

        • Cure for coronavirus (Mitra S., 06.12.2020)

          "I am a beginner and self-taught (I am 70 years old). I have a couple of books by Dr. Grabovoi: Unified system of knowledge, Applied structures... Methods of concentration, Regeneration of the human body, Numerical series and the book The Joy of Self-Healing by Svetlana Novak. I spend hours reading and listening to clips online. I covered the room with numbers, and my body, too. I also concentrate on the PRK-1U device. This evening, too, I was "glued" to the device, on the technology of helping patients with the corona virus. At one point, I "saw" the sick in agony, fighting for air, so tears ran down my cheeks. I was still watching, as instructed to watch the device. I emphasize that I am a beginner-self-taught. I work the way God and my soul guide me. I don't improvise, I just watch, and everything else is done by my Soul. The spheres shone brighter, and I mentally sent that light to the sick, wherever they were. I felt great joy and some relief in my chest. I hope that relief was in their chests, because I am, thank God, healthy."

          Mitra S., 06.12.2020

          • Cure for coronavirus (Monica, 10.11.2020)

            "I give testimony regarding the use of the PRK-1U Device configured according to medical profile No. 4.

            On November 5, 2020, we took my 67-year-old father to the emergency room with a fever, respiratory distress, mental disorientation and vomiting of blood. Upon arriving at the medical center, he was immediately hospitalized, and tests showed that covid-19 had reached his lungs and one of his lungs had been punctured. His condition was critical and doctors referred him as a priority patient to an intensive care bed for mechanical ventilation. As the healthcare system in my city was already collapsing, we waited for an appointment for an intensive care bed and waited for calls from the hospital to hear about my father.

            At night, I turned to Grigori Grabovoi for help and began my work on concentration with the device No. 4 and using some formulas on the device to restore my father's health. I concentrated from 10 pm to 6 am. The next day, the situation with my father upset me so much that I could not sleep, so all my time I worked with the device.

            At 8 o'clock in the morning I received a call from the hospital and was informed that my father had overcome the disease at night. And now there is no need to send him to intensive care. He needs a few more tests and will most likely be discharged the same day. At 20:45 we received a call to pick up my father from the hospital.

            My father is now being treated at home for a lung injury. Many thanks to Grigori Grabovoi for providing the devices for free. He saved my father's life."

            Monica, 10.11.2020

            • Cure for coronavirus (S. N., 03.11.2020)

              "I work as a district therapist. Recently, the load on primary care has been very high. Thanks to the technologies of Grigori Grabovoi, I passed these tests. I received patients during a massive coronavirus infection. I only have a mask, visor and Grigori Grabovoi's technologies, which I use several times every day. We are always tested for acute coronavirus syndrome. I have never been found to have covid, while other doctors have.

              I applied the control on the PRK-1U device for protection and cure from coronavirus to my niece, who lost her taste and smell. After control, she was not found to have a covid, although she was in contact with a sick patient.

              My friend R. was so sick that the doctors thought she was going to die. We controlled for her to get better and she was cured in the hospital."

              S. N., 03.11.2020

              • Cure for coronavirus (Veronika D., 20.10.2020)

                On September 10, after a light jog to a stop, I began to choke, which is not typical for me with such physical exertion. The next day I felt a lack of air with constant incomplete yawning. By the evening, a feeling of discomfort and heaviness behind the chest joined, and at night an attack of suffocation began. On my mobile phone, I opened a website with 5 PRK-1U devices for a medical profile. Started working with PRK-1U for coronavirus infection. I worked on the website for 2 hours using the presented technology. After 20 minutes, it became easier to breathe, but the clinical manifestations returned when I stopped operating the device. After 2 hours I was able to sleep normally. The next day I felt better, but there was no desire to increase physical activity. I asked for the help of the group that guided me through the Coronavirus Cure Directorate. As a result, after 4 days I breathed freely, yawning, feeling of heaviness and the desire to lie on my stomach to facilitate breathing disappeared. After another 3 days I started to play sports, because the fatigue is completely gone.

                Veronika D., 20.10.2020

              • Cure for coronavirus, help (Veronika D., 20.10.2020)

                On October 12, 2020, I learned that my relative is in intensive care in another city with a confirmed diagnosis of Coronavirus infection. His condition was consistently grave, conscious, under a mask apparatus. The mask was removed only so that he could eat. At the same time, a sharp decrease in oxygen saturation was recorded. I and his wife began to actively work to protect against coronavirus using the PRK-1U device on the website and the numerical series of the lungs from the book "Recovery of man's matter by concentration on number rows". After 2 days, the patient began to do without an oxygen mask for 1.5 hours in total for the whole day. I asked for the help of the group of protection from Coronavirus and after an hour's work, the next day my relative could be without additional oxygen supply for 4 hours a day without interruption. Body temperature and blood pressure also returned to normal. At the moment (after 3 weeks in intensive care), doctors are considering transferring him to a regular therapeutic department. Such a clear improvement appeared after the beginning of work with the patient according to the methods of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi, before that his condition was stable and moderate. Today I continue control.

                Veronika D., 20.10.2020

              • Cure for coronavirus (Antonina K., 28.09.2020)

                "Tatiana S, born in 1949, was in the hospital with COVID-19 under the "Artificial lung ventilation" apparatus for 6 days. Through Estonia and St. Petersburg, a request came to Moscow for Tatiana's help.  

                I worked with my friend on August 19, 20, 21, 2020 on 4 technologies of Grigori Grabovoi, which were given on March 19, 2020, that is, on technologies of protection against COVID-19. 

                On the 4th day, the device was turned off. On August 31, Tatiana was discharged home from the hospital. 

                People, of course, helped with their prayers, but it was important to apply precisely technology. As you can see, Tatiana's age was not an obstacle to getting a good result. 

                When using the technologies of Grabovoi G.P. the PRK-1U device with medical functions for improving events was turned on online on the computer screen. Thanks to the Author of the Teachings - Grigori Grabovoi!"

                Antonina K., 28.09.2020

                • Cure for coronavirus (Elena N., 07.09.2020)

                  "My son and his family live far from me, in Primorye, I see them very rarely. I always work remotely. I worked with PRK-1U No. 4 every day for 10 minutes in order to protect myself and all people from the coronavirus COVID-19. One day in July, my son called and said that he had a temperature of 38 degrees all day. He did not attach much importance, but when at work, after a couple of weeks, he donated blood for COVID-19, it turned out that he already had antibodies to SARS-COV-2 (I attach the research results). At the same time, the granddaughter and daughter-in-law had good tests."

                  Elena N., 07.09.2020

                  • Cure for coronavirus (Liliana M., 06.08.2020)


                    I used the PRK-1U device to cure my mother from coronavirus, and she was discharged from the hospital.

                    My mom in Argentina tested positive for coronavirus, I focused on lenses for treatment. Mom left the hospital healthy. I am very grateful to you for making these wonderful devices available for free.


                    Liliana M., 06.08.2020

                    • Cure for coronavirus (Virginia T., 31.07.2020)

                      "The city and county with the lowest number of coronavirus cases were officially announced today in Romania and this is Satu Mare. According to statistics, 102 cases have been registered since the beginning of the pandemic, a record figure for Romania. I live here and here I used the programs, technologies of Grabovoi even before the outbreak of the epidemic, specific numerical series, control done with both Romanian and Italian teams. Although I do not know this language, it so happened that I understood almost in general, and the control was and remains especially high quality. I've never seen anything like it before. The help of the PRK-1U was the most important. The district hospital, about 400 meters away, was also protected because I used this device for several hours almost daily. I am experiencing an ever stronger sense of the restoration of eternity, which is the very will of the Creator. I understand that the world is invulnerable, that I have endless time to defend my qualities, inclinations, creative projects, and the space around me is expanding, expanding. Thanks also to Grigori Grabovoi and my traveling brothers."

                      Virginia T., 31.07.2020

                      • Cure for coronavirus (C. C., 30.07.2020)

                        Thank you for providing me the link to the PRK-1U in the e-mail. I fell ill with the virus, now I feel better.

                        • Cure for coronavirus (W. M. Zh., 22.07.2020)

                          "I am 76 years old. I used PRK-1U devices, adjusted according to medical profiles for about three months.

                          I was infected with Covid 19; The symptoms were relatively mild and the duration of the illness was relatively short.

                          I had a very noticeable effect on short memory.

                          I thank Mr. Grigori Grabovoi from the bottom of my heart for his commitment to the welfare of mankind... Which I personally benefit from. I try my best to support as long as possible. Thank you thank you thank you"

                          W. M. Zh., 22.07.2020

                          • Cure for coronavirus (Maria, 08.07.2020)

                            "On April 7, my daughter decided to go to the emergency room of hospital S. because she had been feeling unwell for a week; complained of coughing, shortness of breath, etc. But she did not have a fever. She decided to go to the hospital without my knowledge ... I found out about this about two hours after she was already in the emergency room. I'll tell you important things. As soon as she arrived at the hospital, the temperature measurement showed 38.5 °. With the rest of the symptoms, she was immediately sent to the "dirty street" (so-called because of the suspicion of COVID). She immediately underwent all checks, including X-rays, where they reported "interstitial pulmonary effusions" ... ... ......... .. The doctor who followed her told her that her picture was of concern and should be hospitalized immediately .. But first a computer tomography had to be done to check everything; and to do that she had to be transferred to another hospital ... where two CT machines were available, a "clean path” and a "dirty path” from COVID. My intervention with the PRK-1U started as soon as I heard it, and it was two hours after my daughter went to the hospital.

                            You can understand the mother's fear for her daughter. At first I was very worried, I could not even leave the house, everything was blocked. From that moment of strong energy of fear and tremor, a spark of transformation began, and I would say that it is necessary to normalize the cosmic moment for the benefit of my daughter and everyone else. I sent the energy in me into a peaceful breath, I immediately opened PRK-1U, I chose Covid to normalize and, following the lessons from your videos from that period, I began to control ... ... the energy that I felt in me was strong , real, ready-made, affordable and wonderful. I began to visualize spheres of light that soon after began to follow my daughter in her physical movement in an ambulance from one hospital to another, but also inside the hospital itself ... The last image that came to me was my daughter in the corridor of the hospital with this large sphere of light that encompassed her entire upper body. My physical perception had to be in another dimension, that is, like a copy, but lighter and more ethereal. All this lasted from four in the afternoon until eleven in the evening, all this time I was in front of the PRK-1U. My management was addressed simultaneously to my daughter and to all beings who lived in the same fear all over the world ... I think that many people have ended up in the tunnel of a virus caused by their own fear in this direction and, therefore, the definition of the disease, as well as the very of death. I think that we have this great opportunity to really change the reality of earthly events ... ... ... I also think that those who are ready to do it can do it, but only with the help of the simple fact that it is important and maybe .... In fact, I believe in a lot of it, and as the main purpose of life is to bring it in me and around me for the common good ... because we deserve it, as Grabovoi says.

                            To finish the story, I conclude by saying that at eleven in the evening my daughter returned to her home, because in the second part of the course the computer tomography was negative, everything became negative in relation to the infection, even the previous tests turned negative, even a smear on the next the day was negative. I thank Grabovoi from the bottom of my heart for his tremendous help that he renders to us. I am also very grateful to those who work with him and who reveal his teachings."

                            Maria, 08.07.2020

                            • Cure for coronavirus (Beatrice, 08.07.2020)

                              "4 weeks ago a friend of my son-in-law had a coronavirus. When I was given his name to participate in the management, he was on mechanical ventilation. I only posted this information to the chat one day, but every day I remembered this, and I steered towards this goal during concentration.

                              A week later, he was removed from artificial ventilation, and was discharged the following week. He is currently in the family and is undergoing outpatient treatment."

                              Beatrice, 08.07.2020

                              • Cure for coronavirus (Virginia B., 29.06.2020)

                                "My name is Virginia B. I'm brasilian. I'm participant of the Gema Roman's group in Internet. We are using the Corona Virus device. We've done about three months current PRK-1U uses and many people have got better, and Now COVID-19 is defeated for the most of them."

                                Virginia B., 29.06.2020

                                • Cure for coronavirus (Liana A., 21.06.2020)

                                  "Good afternoon, my name is Liana A. and I am writing to inform you that I have spent two months working with the PRK-1U device to help my relatives who have been infected with covid-19. As a result, they had very few symptoms and a rapid improvement in their condition. I have also used this for myself and my other relatives and we still are great. I thank Dr. Grabovoi and you for helping us to access the device online."

                                  Liana A., 21.06.2020

                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Isabel G., 11.06.2020)

                                    "Hello my name is Isabel G. I live in Spain. I focused on healing people from coronavirus infection with PRK-1U, which was designed for this. I conducted management for three people I don't know, and all three left the hospital completely healthy. I have to say that as I do more healings, they seem to happen faster.

                                    The first person, a 78-year-old man, took 15 days to leave the hospital, although on day 5 he was taken out of intensive care and was not sedated.

                                    The second person, a woman from a Latin American country, 68 years old, also hospitalized, recovered in less time, but I cannot say how much, because I was not notified. I knew she was out of danger when I contacted the family. I was told that she was already home.

                                    The third person, a 57-year-old Chilean woman who was also in intensive care, was home 5 days later.

                                    Many thanks to Grigori Grabovoi for making this advanced, human and divine technology available to humanity."

                                    Isabel G., 11.06.2020

                                    • Cure for coronavirus (Rossana F., 05.06.2020)

                                      "After about 2 months of constant controlling for my 92 year old mother, I received the good news that she recovered from covid after the fourth test today is negative. Thank you and good eternal life to all.

                                      Rossana F., 05.06.2020

                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Vladimir, 01.06.2020)

                                        "Through the website, I used the devices for the development of concentrations of eternal life PRK-1U, adjusted according to medical profiles from 03/16/2020 to the present. Used devices 1, 4. Conducted concentration on the lenses of devices.

                                        Since April 28, 2020 ... controlled as part of a group of people to cure Olga S. and Anatoly S., who were hospitalized with a disease caused by coronavirus infection. I began to work on the device No. 4, which was configured  to protect against coronavirus infection and to cure diseases caused by infection with this virus. On the first day, when rotating counterclockwise, resistance was felt, as if the rotation was going on in a dense medium, for example, in thick sour cream. On the second or third day, the resistance to rotation weakened, then stopped altogether. The work went on daily.

                                        Anatoly was discharged on May 8, and Olga on May 13. Tests for coronavirus were negative."

                                        Vladimir, 01.06.2020

                                        • Cure for coronavirus (S. A., 29.05.2020)

                                          "I am very happy to inform you that my friend Valerio, after recovering from covid19, is returning to almost normal life, because during his stay in the hospital he lost 14 kg and could not walk after spending a lot of time in bed. Now he can walk on his own and has gained 3 kg in one month, which he is spending is at home. He sincerely thanks Grigori Grabovoi and the people who participated in the management."

                                          S. A., 29.05.2020

                                          • Cure for coronavirus (Evgeniy G., 28.05.2020)

                                            Cure for coronavirus infection within 12 days. The control was carried out on the PRK-1U devices, adjusted according to medical profiles No. 4 and 5, on the numerical sequences, concentration according to the methods from the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. A sharp improvement in the condition occurred within a day after the start of control. The temperature dropped to normal levels, appetite appeared, shortness of breath decreased, the general tone of the body increased.

                                            • Cure for coronavirus (S.R., 28.05.2020)

                                              "I want to thank you and share my experience of work with the PRK-1U, which I used to restore my nephew Ricardo M.V. from coronavirus infection. My nephew lives in Mexico City, and I live in Monterrey, New Zealand. There are about 2000 kilometers between us. I learned from relatives that my nephew had a high fever and tested positive for Covid-19 in two tests, so he was hospitalized and isolated. I managed to contact him by mobile phone. He couldn't breathe well, and his voice was practically hoarse. When I found out about the danger he was in, in addition there was a great distance between us, I used the PRK-1U for the coronavirus, used the appropriate number sequences, and concentrated on the result. I did it around 7pm Mexican time. ................

                                              The next day, I talked to my nephew, he felt much better, and after 72 hours he felt great. Thank you very much for the opportunity to use the PRK-1U. I am currently awaiting a response from a pancreatic cancer patient. All the best."

                                              S.R., 28.05.2020

                                              • Cure for coronavirus (Rosa A., 27.05.2020)

                                                "I worked with the PRK-1U device, configured to protect against the coronavirus found in China and to cure diseases caused by this virus. Three of my friends got sick with this virus and went to the hospital. I worked on the device every day, for 20 minutes a day, imagined these people healthy in the future, concentrated on the lenses of the device, mentally pronounced their names and wished them a speedy recovery, norm and favorable development of events in the future. All were discharged from the hospital ten days later. Everyone has a negative coronavirus test.

                                                I believe that the device works and helps to change events and people's health towards recovery and better life."

                                                Rosa A., 27.05.2020

                                                • Cure for coronavirus (R. V., 27.05.2020)

                                                  "I started to control for coronavirus, and since I do this, I feel stronger! Thanks."

                                                  R. V., 27.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Aida Zh., 14.05.2020)

                                                    "I used PRK-1U devices configured according to medical profiles No. 4, 5. I spent concentration on the lenses of devices.

                                                    I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers and methods of Grigori Grabovoi. I helped a woman with COVID-19. The disease was mild. After 2 weeks, she was discharged from the hospital without complications."

                                                    Aida Zh., 14.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Catalina A., 14.05.2020)

                                                    "I used devices 1, 4, 5. I spent concentration on the lenses of devices; I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers for coronavirus 4986489, 548748978. Conducted control according to the methods of Grigori Grabovoi from 19.03.2020.

                                                    And I got the result: As a nurse and working in a hospital, in the intensive care unit, with patients infected with coronavirus, I was not infected, while half of my colleagues were infected."

                                                    Catalina A., 14.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (A.M.D., 14.05.2020)

                                                    "I used the device 4. I was concentrating on the lenses of devices; I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers for coronavirus.


                                                    Improving the health of all the people I worked with, all of them are currently out of danger."

                                                    A.M.D., 14.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Alba G., 13.05.2020)

                                                    "I used devices 1, 4 and 5. I spent concentration on the lenses of devices; I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers in the books of Grigori Grabovoi. I used the methods. In 30 minutes I was able to help a young woman (35 years old) get rid of the acute symptoms of COVID-19 - high temperature (39 ° C) and severe breathing difficulties (against the background of bronchial asthma). After 3 days, the condition was good."

                                                    Alba G., 13.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Vladimir V., 13.05.2020)

                                                    "I used PRK-1U devices configured according to medical profiles No. 4, 5. I spent concentration on the lenses of devices. I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers and methods of Grigori Grabovoi. I helped a woman with COVID-19. The disease was mild. After 2 weeks, she was discharged from the hospital without complications."

                                                    Vladimir V., 13.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Alla Z., 12.05.2020)

                                                    "I used PRK-1U devices configured according to medical profiles No. 4, 5. I spent concentration on the lenses of devices. I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers and methods of Grigori Grabovoi. I helped a woman with COVID-19. The disease was mild. After 2 weeks, she was discharged from the hospital without complications."

                                                    Alla Z., 12.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Larisa F., 11.05.2020)

                                                    "May 9 E.S. was taken to the hospital with breathing problems, where he was connected to a Apparatus Artificial ventilation.

                                                    I conducted concentration on the lenses of devices from 08.05.2020

                                                    I did not concentrate on the number series from books.

                                                    Conducted management according to the methods of Grigori Grabovoi, as set out in the text of the webinar on 03.19.2020

                                                    Result: improved health. 10.05.2020 E.S. was transferred from the ventilator to the oxygen connection through a normal breathing mask. The condition is stable."

                                                    Larisa F., 11.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Yuri N., 11.05.2020)

                                                    "I used devices 1, 4, 5 I spent concentration on the lenses of devices; I simultaneously concentrated on the numbers in the books of Grigori Grabovoi.Conducted control according to the methods of Grigori Grabovoi for working with PRK-1U.

                                                    Got the results: improved health. Z.T.V., S.S., Sh. A. cured of coronavirus. T.L.I. cured of keratoma. "

                                                    Yuri N., 11.05.2020

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Kravtsova A., 09.05.2020)

                                                    The cure for a severe case of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in 3 days.

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Pikul N.B., 06.05.2020)

                                                    Three people were cured of a serious respiratory tract disease, presumably from coronavirus infection COVID-19, from February 23 to March 20, 2020.

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Dagunts E.E., 06.05.2020)

                                                    Neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus - disease prevention, cure for coronavirus infection COVID-19, three people in April 2020.

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Olga M., 30.04.2020)

                                                    The cure for respiratory disease, presumably from coronavirus infection COVID-19 

                                                  • Cure for coronavirus (Melè, 21.04.2020)

                                                    "In a Buddhist chat, a stranger asks for help for her friend's younger sister, whom has COVID-19 .... I begin to conduct management for A., ​​who is going through the night, but is still in a very serious condition.

                                                    Thursday. El tells us that A. remains in the same state, and doctors say that we need to prepare for the worst. She has interstitial pneumonia, fever, and does not have a strong cough. Oxygen at 1.5 ... In where, where A. lives, there are already three deaths, and 64 out of 70 people are infected with coronavirus and 15 people are in serious condition. El describes A.: she is 50 years old, but she is small, like a girl, chubby, nice and sweet, defenseless and kind, and that is how I imagined her.

                                                    I am impressed with how "I feel” her, I really seem to be communicating with her. Pneumonia means loneliness, and the idea of ​​treating it, isolating patients from loved ones, is part of the distortion of this world. Until now. What happens to me during management is that I get in touch with A. and try to give her light, and I also apply all management methods. I think that she really needs communication, even astral, therefore, "I'm there” with her, I hug her and caress her. I don't know why, but it is so close to my heart.

                                                    Wednesday 15. A. has improvement and deterioration. She is a little better today, but the problem is that being in bed can also have neurological consequences. Soon, doctors are trying to get her to talk to her sister on the phone (her sister went to pick her up every Sunday, and now, of course, she can't even see her), hoping that she will rise and will not think that she was abandoned.

                                                    Friday. Today A. does not have a fever, but his condition has improved! While I controled this morning, I saw her, and for the first time ............. she smiled at me. I am touched and very happy.

                                                    Sunday. Good news! Yesterday they made A. get up, and she ate. Her condition is good and, although she is very weak, she is clearly better! Doctors are sure: she is recovering!

                                                    Tuesday. Today I have no news, but this morning, during the control, A. was here with me and wanted to learn how to help her sick friends.

                                                    I supplement my experience with the message received on April 30: "Today, the second control analysis of A. is also negative."

                                                    Melè, 21.04.2020

                                                    • Cure for coronavirus (Joanna P., 20.04.2020)

                                                      "I conducted control for two people who were infected with coronavirus and then fully recovered, and returned home from the hospital.

                                                      I conduct management in Perugia, where the number of infected people is now zero, and the situation in Umbria is improving."

                                                      Joanna P. 20.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Ivana G., 18.04.2020)

                                                        "I would like to testify that on March 19, 2020, at night, when I was very ill, I had terrible symptoms of coronavirus, I was almost inclined to call the emergency number, but then I trusted PRK-1U all night. ....... I wrote the numerical sequences for the coronavirus given by Grigori Grabovoi, who, with his deep humanity and love for all of humanity, is undoubtedly the Messiah who has returned among us. Soon I felt better, I no longer had severe pain in my lungs or shortness of breath.

                                                        Now I'm not completely healed, but I continue to do daily control, and I really hope, I'm sure that with the help of Grigori Grabovoi I will do this, so I thank him for saving my life."

                                                        Ivana G., 18.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Gabriella G., 18.04.2020)

                                                        "Hello, I have been managing for about two weeks because my mother-in-law, who is 88 years old, unfortunately, suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is hospitalized in poor condition, she was diagnosed with COVID-19. I started controlling and repeatedly called for help from Grigori Grabovoi to help this person ....... Now COVID-19 is defeated.

                                                        Gabriella G., 18.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Elisabetta C., 18.04.2020)

                                                        "I would like to share a positive result confirming the good progress made with you. I have a friend who was hospitalized at the end of March with a diagnosis of COVID-19 with high fever and pneumonia (the hospital has mechanical ventilation, intensive care ...), so when I was controling, I focused on him. ... tried to perceive the light and hold confidence in healing. On April 8, at 10 o'clock during control, I visualized that his lungs were full of light and life. At 13:00, his wife wrote to me in a text message that he was much better and that his lungs breathed 90%.

                                                        It was wonderful!!! And it's good that everything inside me was already clear."

                                                        Elisabetta C., 18.04.2020

                                                      • Prevention from coronavirus (Paola L., 17.04.2020)

                                                        "I have been using the device online throughout the day for a long time, and not one member of the family of 6 has problems with the virus. During the monitoring, I continue to communicate with family members and people who live nearby. None of them got the virus. Thank you so much."

                                                        Paola L., 17.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Liana F., 16.04.2020)

                                                        "I began to study the Teachings in March 2020, and I am glad that I met you. I follow all the control from Mexico, where I am now. I'm trying to help not only myself .... but also to the person who got coronovirus in Umbria and another person in Rome who has heart problems (he inserted a defibrillator in his chest and risks having a major operation). A person with Covid-19 has left the intensive care unit and is feeling better. For a friend who has heart problems, it seems that less invasive solutions are expected than they initially thought.

                                                        I will let you know further."

                                                        Liana F., 16.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Mara D., 11.04.2020)


                                                        "For several days, I managed control on the son of my friend, who is 40 years old, who was in serious condition due to coronavirus infection. (COVID-19) Well, day after day, his health, to the surprise of doctors, was improving. Now he is out of danger."


                                                        "I am pleased to inform you that M. is completely healed and that he will return home next week !!!"

                                                        Mara D., 11.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Paola M., 09.04.2020)

                                                        "As expected, the situation with the virus is improving. I meant that I especially "feel” PRK-1U. So far, my family has not had any infections, despite the fact that my sister worked in the healthcare sector. The infected friend (for whom I was controlling) feels much better, and his recovery was faster than most patients."

                                                        Paola M., 09.04.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Stéphane C., 27.03.2020)

                                                        "Results using devices:

                                                        Our 9-year-old son has a sore throat with a temperature above 39 ° C on March 22, 2020.

                                                        We broadcast live special video covid-19 PRK-1U on the TV screen every day from Sunday 22.03 to Tuesday 03.24.2020

                                                        On top of that, we gave our son digital sequences to focus on them.

                                                        My wife and I carried out management to help our son.

                                                        He had a sore throat and fever lasted only 3 days, and at the end of Tuesday, March 24, everything returned to normal without taking medication. The TV screen with PRK-1U with protection against coronavirus was active from morning to evening, and we also conducted concentrations. For several hours a day, we concentrated on the fifth PRK-1U in concentrations for eternal life, to help our son, himself and all of humanity structure consciousness.

                                                        Since then, we support the broadcast of PRK-1U to ensure eternal life every day on the screen."

                                                        Stéphane C., 27.03.2020

                                                      • Cure for coronavirus (Margarita S., 20.03.2020)

                                                        "Last night I had a severe cough, very difficult breathing, shortness of breath, runny nose and a slight temperature. The first suspicion fell on the coronavirus. ............. Yesterday I did a concentration on the device from coronavirus. The first thing I felt was that the heat began to subside in the chest area. Breathing has become easier. The concentration continued in the evening before bedtime. And I added concentration on the numbers 741 for a quick result. In the morning there was no temperature, no fever in the thoracic region, no cough and runny nose. I feel good."

                                                        Margarita S., 20.03.2020