Weekly outline

  • General

    • Result from C. O., 25.10.2020

      "I am very grateful to Grigori Grabovoi for the technologies provided, with the help of them, specifically with the help of a device that is turned on for Eternal Life and with the help of digital series of numbers from the book by Grigori Grabovoi "Restoring the human body by concentrating on numbers" I got rid of fungi and parasites in the body, specifically in my reproductive system on the genitals!

      Very grateful and Eternal life to everyone!"

      C. O., 25.10.2020

      • Result from Antonina K., 03.07.2020

        "Application of technology from the speech of G.P. Grabovoi at a web conference on coronavirus, Italy, March 19, 2020, while working on the lenses of the PRK-1U device, configured according to a medical profile to ensure eternal life for oneself and everyone, led to a quick cure for herpes on the lip."

        Antonina K., 03.07.2020

        • Result from Ivana, 12.06.2020

          "I controlled for a person who had a kidney transplantation, and that person was discharged after only a week in hospital to the surprise of the doctors for the rapid recovery."

          Ivana, 12.06.2020

          • Result from Annie A., 13.05.2020

            "Since 8 may, I use always PRK1U eternal life .......... When I use PRK1U eternal life , I am not concentrate for my body especially . But I always see better . I am surprise . And I see better and better ... it is a good surprise.

            Annie A., 13.05.2020

            • Result from S.B., 12.05.2020

              "I used device 5 and a personal device PRK-1U PEPRK1 U.2 for 30 minutes with interruptions, regularly. I was concentrating on the lenses of devices; Conducted control according to the methods of Grigori Grabovoi for working with PRK-1U.

              The goal was to normalize the health of my father, who was dying, he had an ear infection that corroded the bone, he was anemic, weakened. He had diabetes, my father is 85 years old.


              My dad is alive, his health has improved.

              Healing from diabetes and ear infection."

              S.B., 12.05.2020

            • Result from Natalya B., 28.04.2020

              Quick restoration of the integrity of the soft tissues of the ring finger after a cut.