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    • Result from T. H., 30.12.2020

      "I, the undersigned,  T. H, ...., make the following statement in witness.

      In March 2020 my friend J. C.  told me the bad news: cancer of the lower rectum. As my tendency is to always support people in need, I suggested to her to follow the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. Straight away my friend J. accepted. We decided to meet to talk about it. I gave her the numeric sequences for rectal cancer and the link to the medical PRK-1u . During her treatment I never stopped accompanying her with meditation with the appropriate numeric sequences. I could see that she was very weak and sometimes ready to give up. With my encouragement and her persistence her effort was renewed.

      I was also connected with the third PRK--1u for cancer. One day I focused on one of the lenses and I saw that she was very weak.

      In August you cannot imagine my joy when I heard the wonderful news that she was doing well. When we met she looked wonderful, happy, very beautiful and in good health.  Wow! One evening in October great news warmed my heart. She was cured.

      Much gratitude to Grigori Grabovoi who allowed us to freely connect to the medical PRK-1u. I can say that the device is a great benefit to humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Grigori Grabovoi.

      I swear by this statement that what I have written is the truth."

       T. H., 30.12.2020

      • Result from J. C., 30.12.2020

        "I, J. C., ..., hereby swear that the facts described below are real and have been verified by medical examination.

        In the month of March 2020 , following a colonoscopy, my gastro enterologist told me that I had a cancer of the lower rectum. It was stage three epidermoide cancer. I the this bad news to one of my friends T. H. who was already following the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. She directed me to one of his teachings, told me about his healing work and the number sequences which he has given. Several days later she sent me the link of the site of the medical PRK-1U. The devices are available for free for users. Right away I got connected. I read the protocols and user conditions which I accepted and started to practice using third PRK-1U which protects and cures cancer.

        The first week, I connected three or four times each day for twenty to thirty minutes. I asked for healing from the Divine Creator. 

        During the two weeks of chemo therapy, I asked my friend T. to do the PRK practises for me. Being hospitalised, there was no internet in the oncology department. I was too weak from the chemo and radio therapy, I could not practise with the device and I kept doing the numeric concentration for this disease. 

        From mid April to August 2020 I practised twice each day with the device by adding the numeric sequences for rejuvenation of the body, skin, and normalising health, for  thirty minutes per session.

        At the beginning of September the scars began to heal and I felt cured. Nonetheless I kept doing the numeric sequences and using the third PRK-1u.

        I added the first one for rejuvenation, the fourth one for Covid 19 and the fifth one for eternal life. On average I spent an hour to an hour and a quarter on the four PRKs and I felt very good. In September and October I went back to hospital for check up. In the end, on the 17th of November 2020 the gastroenterologist gave me the result of the latest biopsy. Everything was perfectly back to normal. I am finally cured. I deeply think that the daily use of the  third PRK1U to  protect and cure cancer, as well as the numeric concentration have speeded the healing.

        I thank profoundly Mr Grigori Grabovoi for creating and building these devices. Thank you to him for letting us freely use them to help us to protect ourselves and heal ourselves from these diseases. I feel infinite love and gratitude for this great being.  I swear by this statement that what I have written is the truth."

        J. C., 30.12.2020

        • Result from Cecilia L., 08.09.2020

          "I am transmitting the results of computed tomography made on 09/01/2020 and 15/04/2020, since the right axillary lymph node has decreased.

          I started managing for cancer diagnosis and for global rescue between May and June 2020 and worked with the online PRK-1U on cancer. This exam is a great achievement thanks to the technology of the teacher GRIGORI GRABOVOI.

          Thanks to all the staff who are working to spread this teaching."

          Cecilia L., 08.09.2020

          • Result from L.F., 10.05.2020

            Conducted concentration on the lenses of the device for the treatment of breast cancer in EDM - 72 years old.

            Got the results:

            Improving health: the tumor has disappeared. Against the background of concentration on the PRK-1U device, there were no complications after chemotherapy sessions.

          • Result from L.F., 10.05.2020

            Work with the device PRK-1U No. 3 led to a decrease in uterine bleeding, a favorable outcome after surgery.

            At discharge, the doctor said that Natalia can consider herself a healthy person.

          • Result from B.B., 07.05.2020

            "I just received great news from my friend F., whom I am helping to recover from cancer of the sacrum and cervical spine. The result of magnetic resonance imaging, performed last week, gave a good result, the tumor regresses very much !!! Thank you for the Teaching you give us. Have a good eternal life."

            B.B., 07.05.2020

          • Result from Maria T.B., 03.05.2020

            "For several months I had severe pain in my right kidney. The pain continued both day and night. On March 30, after the first concentration on the PRK-1U device with a function to protect from and to cure cancer, I immediately felt better. THANKS!"

            Maria T.B., 03.05.2020